Prior Education

Imam Hamid H. Raza began his religious education under Ustadh Shakiel Humayun in 2005-06 through public seminars in New York on various topics including; Benefits and Lessons from Surah Yusuf, Belief in Al-Qadar, Preservation of Al Qur’an, Allah’s Names Explained, Words of Salah Explained, Tawheed-ul-Uluhiyah, Shirk and Kufr, Fiqh on Touching the Qur’an, Salah in Travel, Da`wah Principles, Manners and Fiqh Maxims.


He received two certificates of achievement – Certificate of Achievement and Certificate of Outstanding Accomplishment – for his successful completion. Following this, he enrolled in the then newly founded Foundation for Knowledge and Development (FKAD) institute as well as learned Arabic and Usool-ul-Fiqh (Evidences of Islam) from Ustadh Shakiel Humayun. His successful completion of the intensive one-year intermediate Arabic program earned him a position as an instructor at the FKAD for about one year.

Current Education

Currently, Imam Raza is enrolled in Mishkah University online in the USA, where he is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Arabic and Islamic studies. Additionally, he has been studying Arabic online since 2011 with Ustadh Muhammad Mustafa of the International Institute for Classical Arabic Language and Quranic Sciences (IIC Arabic & Qur’an), Egypt. Furthermore, Imaam Raza has been a student of Shaikh Yusuf Qoblan, Amman, Jordan, since 2011, seeking his Ijaazah and Sanad in the recitation of Hafs through the Shatibiyyah method. Currently, he holds an Ijaazah in Tajweed from Markaz-ul-Furqan in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia under the teachership of Shaikh Ahmed Husein.

Current Role

He became the Imam at Al-Ansar Center after being elected by the community in 2008. Currently, he serves as an Imam and Khateeb in the service of his community. His multi-faceted role at Al-Ansar Center includes being an Imam and Khateeb, but he is also a teacher, advisor, friend, husband, and father — and a comedian as well. Conversation about religious issues as well as worldly matters is one of his favorite activities with children, youth, and adults.